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Melius Pharma is a privately owned company and is benefiting from the support of two of Sweden's most prominent professional life sciences investors who contribute profound expertise in the biopharma field to the company.

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Fåhraeus Start-up and Growth Fund

Smart capital for long-term value creation

Fåhraeus Startup and Growth Fund was started in 2021 by Christer Fåhraeus and Emanuel Eriksson. It is a Venture Capital fund focusing on investing early in companies in life science and tech. The goal of the investments is to take the companies up for sale or listing on the stock exchange a few years after the investment. Christer and Emanuel, together with Linus Wiebe, manage the fund

Christer Fåhraeus, CEO at Fårö Capital, is board member in Melius Pharma.

Christer Fåhraeus is also the founder of Fårö Capital, an investment company that backs and supports the companies of tomorrow in life science and high tech. They do this through active ownership in the form of board representation, expertise in financing, management advice, product development insights and internationalization experience, as well as with deep domain knowledge in tech and life science. In short, we are a knowledgeable, active and growth-oriented owner and partner.


Fårö Capital holds 5 listed companies, 4 non-listed, 3 seed capital investments. Their largest holding is Cellavision that is the world-leading provider of digital solutions for medical microscopy in the field of hematology. Market Cap: 570 MUSD, listed in Sweden.


Investor in Life Science 

Linc invests in product oriented companies in the Nordic Life Science industry – primarily in pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. Their investments in drug development usually take place at an early stage, while investments in medical technology are made in more mature businesses.

Linc holds 12 listed companies and 12 non-listed. Their largest holding is Calliditas Therapeutics: Calliditas is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on identifying, developing and commercializing novel treatments in orphan indications, with an initial focus on renal and hepatic diseases with unmet medical need. Market Cap: 470 MUSD, listed in US and Sweden.


Karl Tobieson, CEO at Linc, is board member in Melius Pharma.

Linc as owner

Linc is an active owner and the ambition is always to strengthen the portfolio companies’ existing operations by contributing expertise, networks and commitment. For many entrepreneurs, who want to find a partner in the development of their company, Linc offers an attractive alternative as our pragmatic attitude and business-oriented approach means that we are an agile and forward-looking sounding board for entrepreneurs, management and co-investors.

We work focussed and combine entrepreneurship with our access to resources, networks and industrial expertise. We offer our part-owned companies support for the next step in their development in the form of, for example, capital and our national and international network in the world of research, government agencies, colleges and universities.

Linc also contributes to the appointment of a competent board and offers ownership expertise that provides credibility with banks and partners and participates in the recruitment of new strong managements when required.

The ownership of Linc’s portfolio companies are exercised actively, professionally and with a sense of entrepreneurship. The adopted plan for the company is followed up on an ongoing basis in close cooperation between Linc, the management of the company and its board.

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