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Our Team

Melius Pharma has assembled a team with a complementary experience in strategic and operational drug development. Melius Pharma operates a flexible model, without full-time employees, except for the CEO.

We have highly experienced and committed part-time experts leading clinical and formulation development. We work with highly competent external providers, e.g. for patents, legal issues and clinical trial implementation. This organisational model allows effective resource use and ensures that the skills and expertise needed at each stage are available.

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Management team

Mark Kornfeld, CEO

Christopher Nowak, CMO

Ove Pedersen, Head of CMC

Hugo Petit, CFO

Mark Kornfeld (BSc, PhD)

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  • Mark has more than 20 years’ experience from the pharmaceutical industry.

  • He has experience as strategic management consultant and 10 years in Strategic Pricing and Market Access working with both large pharma companies and biotech start-ups.

  • Mark has extensive experience from rare diseases and worked in business development for Orphan Europe (acquired by Recordati) and OTL Pharma (acquired by ProStrakan).

  • He holds as BSc in Chemistry/Biology and PhD in Medical Physiology from University of Lund in Sweden and a European Market Access University Diploma from University of Lyon in France. He was a research fellow at University of Regensburg in Germany and Stony Brook University in New York, USA.


Christoph Nowak (MD, PhD)

Christopher Nowak (MD, PhD_edited.jpg
  • Christoph Nowak is Doctor of Medicine from University of Oxford, PhD in Molecular Epidemiology at Uppsala University in Sweden and holds a BSc/MSc-equivalent in clinical psychology from University of Braunschweig in Germany.

  • Christoph was a research fellow in Pulmonology at the University of Zurich and post-doctoral fellow at Karolinska Institute and is the author of more than 60 peer reviewed publications.

  • He was until recently an Assistant Professor in Molecular Epidemiology at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

  • Christoph is currently also Chief Medical Officer at Diamyd Medical, where he has extensive experience of clinical trial design, preparation and follow-up, biomedical data analysis, and regulatory (FDA & EMA).


Ove Pedersen (PhD)
Head of CMC

Ove Pedersen Head of CMC Melius Pharma AB_edited.jpg
  • Ove Pedersen has more than 25 years’ experience of CMC development from the Pharma industry, mainly in manufacturing of drug substances and drug products.

  • He has extensive experience of management and implementation of CMC, preclinical, regulatory (FDA and EMA) and clinical aspects of drug development.

  • Previous positions include Global Head of Product development and commercial supply at ThromboGenics, Executive Vice President of Development at Curalogic and Director of Project Management and ALK-Abello.

  • Ove holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry for the University of British Columbia.


Hugo Petit (Master in Organizational & Behavioral Science)

  • Hugo has more than 18 years of experience from various CFO roles in both listed and unlisted growth companies, primarily in the Life Science area. Previous jobs include CFO at MedCap AB and OxThera AB.

  • He has also worked for several years as management consultant at McKinsey & Company and was deployed as an army officer in Bosnia for a 6 month period.

  • Hugo holds a Master in Organizational and Behavioral Science from the Netherlands Military Academy in Breda, Netherlands and an MBA in Executive Management from Uppsala University in Sweden

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